GuruPass Memo

Shrine of Montavera 
Official Transcript from the Headmaster

Hello Seekers,

It is I, your Headmaster, and I am pleased to bring to you (with the Great Guru of Yonder’s approval, of course), a little something all Montaverans know and love…

Each year, in our wonderful city, GuruPass is sold to Montaverans who plan on visiting the Shrine regularly. Locals delight in handing over their hard-earned Aura for a tiny piece of paper they’ll probably lose. Who wouldn’t?

For you, in your world, this little ticket will earn you savings in… What is it you call it… Oh yes, here it is…



By minting a Mystic Gurus Container from OpenTheta, while owning a GuruPass, you will earn a 20% discount on your purchase. If you plan on minting several containers, the savings stack up, and this little GuruPass truly begins to work for you. That’s a very good thing 🙂 

Furthermore, the GuruPass does not end its magic there. Oh no!

As Mystic Gurus releases additional drops, GuruPass will continue to save you 20% on each of these drops, so that as you happily mint your NFTs, you’ll continue to see the savings. 

We do have overhead costs at the Shrine, including but not limited to:

  • Feeding the demons so they won’t overrun the city, 
  • Watering the unseen creature that we hear moving around inside the buzzing hole in the yard 
  • Keeping up with the maintenance of the hyperdimensional portals (we can’t simply hand out these wonderful GuruPasses)

As such, we need to make sure we keep our finances in order, and it is for this reason that we have printed 50 GuruPasses to be sold, First Come, First Serve, First Blood, First-Born. 

Each Gurus Pass is priced at 12K AURA. 

It can be resold in the OpenTheta Marketplace, and we expect them to hold high value, especially when newcomers with a hunger for staking begin to enter our little ecosystem. 

Good luck, Seekers. 

Make sure you stay safe out there. As Spring turns to summer, many among you will begin to shed your scales and reveal your true, many-limbed forms, and that is a vulnerable time for all of us. Best to be mindful of other people’s feelings… and paralyzing fears of monstrous chimerae. 

Farewell Seekers, and always remember to spend time with your Guru.

Always at Your Service,

The Headmaster of The Shrine of Montavera