In ages past, the Great Guru of Yonder popped in and out of the Great Shrine to walk among the people, often foretelling of things to come, often sharing ageless wisdom, and often stealing their sneakers because he’s kind of a Clepto. The Promo set features images of the great guru in his many forms throughout the ages, doing his guru doings!

~ This set launched on OpenTheta on December 17th, 2021 @ 3pm. ~

The 555 minted Gurus will continue to reward their owners throughout the Guru-verse for years to come! As always stay tuned for information and announcements…

Once every age, the Guru embarks on a mission to heal the world of the pains of the ego. He fancies himself a champion of Death… Death of the Ego that is.

The Core Set represents a spectrum of personality types, fashions and trends, and myriads of cultures that you encounter on a daily basis. But Why? Because, in his great wisdom, the Guru hopes to teach you something about yourself by presenting you with an opportunity to see yourself in another. Tell me, Seeker. What do YOU see in YOUR Guru?

The Guru is not averse to the growing trends or changing winds of pop-culture, and even in the Shrine there are screens streaming content from all around the world. From time to time, the Guru takes the form he fancies most from his then favorite show and ventures out into the world to partake in a little cosplay. It is in these merry moments that the Customs were captured!

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