A Different Kind of Staking

The Mystic Gurus staking experience was built to be different. Rather than only a rarity hunt we wanted Guru holders to also be in charge of their NFT’s value. The best way to do that is by leveling up your Guru by simply having them remain staked or “meditating” at The Shrine:

1. Every 30 days a Guru is staked advances them +1 level.

This is also known as their “Mindfulness Multiplier”. After one year being staked a Guru will effectively be a level 12 Guru. Having a higher level (or MM) means that Guru will acquire more Aura than Gurus with a lower MM. This also means that lower level Gurus that are unstaked will begin acquiring less and less Aura rewards since:

2. There is a limited amount of Aura available to all staked Gurus.

For every Guru that “meditates in the Shrine” additional Aura becomes unlocked for Gurus to accrue. The number of meditating Gurus is known as The Congregation. The highest level Gurus, though, will continue to reap the benefits of the larger congregation while lower levels will have to be ok with slightly less. In the future there will be new mechanics which will increase your Guru’s Mindfulness Multiplier and therefore their share of the available Aura.

3. A Guru’s MM stays with them even if they are unstaked and traded to another wallet.

In the years ahead there will be a growing divide between those Gurus that have been staked and grown their Mindfulness Multiplier, and those that fall behind. Get those Gurus meditating soon so you can lay claim to the influx of Aura!