Welcome to Yonder!

The Land of Yonder is a haven of life, magic, and whimsy in equal parts. Its capital – The City of Montavera – is the home and birthplace of the Gurus – the mystic monks who devote their existence to the harnessing of Aura – an ethereal substance that permeates all that is, animates all that isn’t, and percolates all that… and a bag of chips.

Gurus harness Aura by entering the Shrine and immediately falling into a state of deep meditation. This mystic act calls upon the very fabric of consciousness to render itself into a tangible form. The unit that measures this new form of consciousness is known as AURA – the very thing that makes the world go-round in Yonder.

By tuning in to our Community News Radio (Podcast) – The Montavera Chronicle – You will join the Headmaster of The Central Shrine of Montavera, as he shares with you all the scuttlebud and juicy gossip you could possibly want to know about the Mystic Gurus and their wild adventures. Additionally, you may learn a thing or two about Aura, how to harness it more efficiently, and why your neighbor Joe is always peeking at you from his attic window. All good and practical things.

If you have been visited by the great Guru of Yonder, and now own an image of one of his apparitions (your NFT), then you would do well to learn as much as you can about harnessing aura, as you are now considered an honorary guest of the great Guru, and are thus welcome into the Shrine, where seekers claim their harnessed Aura. Just make sure you bring the NFT, or a hellish demon from the 9th Circle will kindly escort you back out. We’ve done such a great job of training them. Well… Most of them… a few of them… Okay, we haven’t trained the demons yet, and they are a little bitey, so just bring your NFT.

In this blog, we will post updates concerning the use of your NFT, new functions and mechanics in the Shrine, and any additional updates that are of monumental importance, such as what color lip gloss Becca is rocking this week and where can I get it cuz I already went to like three Spazzshops and like… none of them had any in stock… And I was like… Ugh, whatever….

Certainly, you won’t want to miss any of that. See ya soon!