Staking Re-factor and Promo vs Core Gurus

The Core Set Staking Re-Factor is Complete!

Yes, I know this was a long time coming, and I’m eager to share with you some of that journey… 

…accumulating eagerness… 

Earlier in the summer, we experienced an unexpected transaction failure with the Core Set Level-Ups. Yes. It’s true. You may now gasp dramatically and choke on your scrambled eggs. With the Promo set, the 500 or so staked gurus was no problem; all sunshine and rainbows in Montavera. The New-Gen Gurus came in (The Core Set), and this set was a different beast. With over 4000 staked NFTs and version 1.0 of the staking contract, it just wasn’t up to the task. This unforeseen problem advanced our plans for building new contract upgrades from the Fall to… like… NOW. There was a lot of testing, a lot of building, and a lot of “I’m not sure what this error is but looks like I’ll have to read another 40 articles and debug some 10,000 lines of open source code.”

Finally, the time came to “finalize the commit” (fancy blockchain lingo for “going live”) on the final upgrade, when, to our dismay, we discovered a mismanaged proxy manifest from our previous developer (Dramatic Music Plays). I know that all sounds complex, but it’s actually just another day in Montavera.

This was no problem, of course, except the fact that this developer was in the Ukraine and he became extremely difficult to get a hold of. After playing the role of Dog the Bounty Hunter for a while, we decided to switch gears: rather than take the easy route, we had to rebuild the manifest, which required more time, but we were able to get back on track to commit the upgrade. Next, we had a very slippery bug that hid from us for a while in our Truffle Development Environment – a framework & asset pipeline for blockchains using the Ethereum Virtual Machine (The Montaveran Virtual Machine was being used at the time). After much back-and-forth with Truffle and OpenZeppelin developers, followed by long nights of debugging the upgrade source codes, we finally squashed the bug.

Given all of the research, time, and testing that we went through, I dare say Mystic Gurus is stronger for it. We’re no longer a smooth-skinned baby-face soldier dropped in the battlefield of blockchain technology. This was a bit of a proving ground that took us to the point from which we can look over our shoulder and say, “Oh, I’ve been there.” And I’m sure there will be more to come. 

This seems to be the nature of life.



The New Changes in Staking 2.0

Most of what changed behind the scenes won’t be initially apparent for our lovely Guru holders. However, the exciting stuff happened under the hood. Here are some of the important new changes:

  1. Claim All is now available. This is a simple function that will be available on the Shrine page by checking the “All” box next to claim. This will take all realized AURA rewards held by all the Gurus you’ve got staked in a wallet to be claimed to your personal wallet. Some of our biggest supporters are going to love this. You might even miss the old days of clicking through MetaMask prompts for hours. Oh, Nostalgia…
  2. Sync All tfuel gas costs have been trimmed down by an average of 30-40%.Take that Biden!
  3. A Guru leveling-up is no longer dependent on being written to the chain by a daily update. This means the moment a Guru levels up, it will be shown in your dashboard. All those times you spent biting your nails waiting to see your Guru transcend into a higher level of consciousness will happen right before your eyes (as soon as you click on your Guru again to refresh the stats, of course).
  4. Staking 1.0 had an expensive daily transaction cost to maintain the ledger, individual Guru statistics, and payouts. That cost has been reduced by 95% in Staking 2.0! (This is your cue to Ooh and Ahh…) This was hugely important for us to continue to our next phase of development and by far has me the most excited. This also means we have a lot more control of the reward payouts when certain *ahem* events happen in Montavera. It’s a good thing some of these Gurus will be safe inside their homes.


Promo vs Core Set Guru’s (Oogway vs Club24… wink wink) 

            I want to reiterate some of the differences between the two sets. As you all know, the congregation is known as the total gathering of Gurus meditating. The more in the congregation (or staked) the more Aura that gets distributed. The Promo and Core sets are 2 different congregations. This is for a couple of very important reasons: 

First, if they shared the same congregation, the Promo Gurus would easily sap the rewards of the Core set Gurus as they would always be a few levels ahead. This would lead to a devaluation of anything Core Set, and the Promos already enjoyed a very lucrative 10x rewards during their initial launch. 

Secondly, the Promo gurus are going to have access to governance roles in future mechanics and activities in Montavera (aka City Council). Keeping them in their own congregation allows them to compete for rewards in their own circle without the unfair ability to tower over the Core Set. What this means is that you shouldn’t be concerned about competition between rewards for Promo vs Core unless you plan to purchase some Guru’s from either to maximize your Aura returns.


That’s it for my update, and now a word from our Headmaster: